Lightning in the distance, thunder, it’s 2:04 I just took an after gig shower to remove the cigarette smell from my hair and body. I sit in front of my sunset-window, feeling the breeze coming in, I am slowly coming down from the high of the music played tonight, it is finally quiet in my neighborhood.

I have many times had scraps of words and sentences that I imagined sharing with all of you but writing the blog has not been a priority. There are so many words already out there, so many opinions, why add more to the noise and traffic? They say it’s all been said anyways.

Last I wrote was after a bombing in June, since that, we had an attempted coup d’etat in Turkey. Four hours that changed EVERYTHING. I never quite realized how fucking fast things can change in the political realm. I am used to the slow, feet in concrete, lets wait four more years ways of the Canadian political world… Those hours, that night were terrifying. The indecent violence of an F-16 breaking the sound barrier over the house made me reel because of the absolute horror of such war machines. The single purpose for these is murder. Somehow all of us humans have come to find these things (f-16s, tanks, machine guns, pipe bombs, rocket launchers) normal and necessary evil. But when one flies above your home and the sonic boom whips your walls and leave them trembling as if they were made of grass… then you hear bombs detonate in the distance while not knowing if your neighborhood is a target or not, you feel quite minuscule. Meaningless.

I will not attempt to describe the political situation here. In short, most of us don’t have a clue. We had a month of nationalistic fervor, excited by the powers in place, free bus, metro, ferries, free phones to encourage all to take to the streets. Every night the masses in cars, trucks, scooters, bicycles, on foot, even wheelchairs, what ever moved, held their flags up high while nationalist anthems blared out of anything that had a set of speakers and that, all night long. Public harangues were taking place down the hill in Kasimpasa, birth place of Erdogan, sometimes they would start as late as 1, 2, 3 AM, the people would again flood the streets, neighborhoods… the ezan (cal to prayer) would go on and on and on, (normally a few minutes and it is over) it was as if someone constantly had a finger prodding you in the chest; “hey, hey, hey, hey…” it was hard to sleep, hard to relax, hard to understand the excitement for this cry for Democracy while most of the free press was disabled, journalists thrown in jail, people sacked and fired and demoted and imprisoned and some say tortured without due process. what an irony… All in all I believe the number was 80 thousand people were part of the “cleansing” process and it still goes on.
As the political and religious right took to the streets, the left hunkered down, quietly, many, especially the young, educated people are planning escapes out of Turkey, many are mourning for the losses that seem to loom ahead. But mostly, we waited. I learned very early on in Turkey about this incredible patience, this ability to wait until the tide changes. Shit happens, OK, have a seat, have some tea and wait until a mistake is made, and it will be made. “He will die one day” was something I heard so often right after the events.

Something else was very unsettling. The Western media’s take on all this. The tone, the sudden shift in perception. Before this attempted coup, most didn’t even know where Turkey was. But suddenly everyone knew the president and his quirks, everyone judged him suddenly dangerous and unstable, Europe freaked out and plainly racist “news” came out everywhere… “the Turks will take over Europe!!!” There are millions of them!!! They are terrorists!!! Turkey suddenly became of “those” countries, you know, over there in the middle east… and the criticisms rose at high pitch and everything that could be finger pointed was and still is. But all this had been going on for a long time and no one mentioned it… Ah the fine balance of geo-politics, the short memory of the public and the general ignorance…

Turkey is now sold in the media as some demented place where maniacs rule. In some way it’s true. But it’s true of many places… did you see what happened in Britain? What is going on in America? Germany? France? and on and on…

Remember 9/11, the Patriot Act was enacted and thus millions of Americans were denied rights, they were wire tapped illegally… the situation was used by government to take away rights and liberties. Some deliberately some illegally. Here, an attempted coup happens, a martial law is installed and people lose rights and liberties… what is the difference? The difference is: We were immediately told that we were losing our rights. It was not a manipulation of words telling us that we were being protected… it was blunt and clear. Martial law. You can be detained for no apparent reason. Ah, OK. So in my view, it’s all the same “out of chaos, order gets installed with reduced rights to people and massively increased powers for the rulers”

Canada is actually about to make, (if that has not already happened) this loss of rights and liberties part of the law: Bill C-51, where you can be arrested, jailed, questioned, without due process. Where the simple act of protesting (like for Site C Dam for example) could land you a new moniker: Terrorist, enemy of the state. Is it so different from Turkey? No if only in the hypocritical way of doing it.

You know though…. what I felt through all this turmoil was a bit of a surprise, it wasn’t fear or anger or despair that hit me the strongest. What appeared in my heart was an immense love for all. To see the possibility of loss of all this wondrous, crazy humanity. The mothers, the workers, the children… How the too few could destroy, annihilate in the name of greed… the soldiers who were overpowered, all my friends here, wondering what was coming next and my friends overseas worrying for me.

There is this immense universe size well of love here among us, through us, inside and outside of us, all around, infused in our very fibers, and cells and electrons. As much as I can rage for the stupidity of the ruling class, the ineptitude of the emperors, in the billions of us, there is this potential for love, a strength that allows us survive the worst of the worst and the hardest of the hardships. The immense beauty and incomprehensible potential of the human.

I dream of a world that shines with this love, that rediscovers its moral compass, its ethics and its courage. I dream of a world where the grandeur of nature moves us to humility and respect. Where we listen, with  hunger for understanding, as we really all know so little if not nothing at all. Where we show awe, reverence for the mystery of life and the possibility of  magic.

I keep thinking that the ones fucking it all up are actually really few among the good men and women. And that if we just take responsibility for our own weakness and our own greatness we could make this place a world of justice, peace, respect and cooperation. Our challenges are so great. We have polluted and destroyed the very heart and arteries of this planet with unspeakable man made filth that threaten our very survival : water, air, soil. Lets forget the “us and them” Lets treat the politicians and corporate thieves and bankers like the criminals they are and make them accountable. Lets wake up, now, and do the the job we’re really here to do.

All my love. Always. Forever.