All we need is love

November 7, 2016

Yellow leaves gracefully falling down from high, a vine climbed all the way up this old building in the Yesil Cam street in Beyoğlu. I sit outside, a fire orange heater keeps us warm there, I drink soda water while listening to my friends. My Turkish is improving, I started an online course and if nothing else, it’s giving confidence to speak and take chances.  We came from Kadiköy which is on the Asian side. We played a concert tonight, Alican, Alev, Stuart and myself at the Istanbul Improv theatre. It was beautiful, the sound, the room, the lights, the vibe. We were to play one set then be joined by the improv troupe but the “events” of the last few days have dampened the spirits in Istanbul so that part of the program was cancelled. Actually most of our audience were actors, we only sold 5 tickets, so yeah, we didn’t play for money tonight… but they loved us and we love them and it felt deeply, deeply satisfying to be in that place at that time.

The events I am referring to is the arrest of the political leaders of one of the opposition party who happens to be Kurdish. The totalitarianism is growing. There has been protests ever since the arrests and the militarized police is out with their usual tricks of tear gas, water cannon, etc. to muzzle the discontent.  When I came out of the ferry in Kadiköy today, while the passengers were walking a 3-4 ,meter wide walkway between the ferry terminal and the water, about half way in, the people ahead of us suddenly turned back running fearfully back towards the boat we had just left, it was scary for a moment,  I quickly looked for a place to go so not to be trampled and found next to me, a couple of wooden gangways with metal bars so no one could run across these.. I looked ahead, trying to figure out why this stampede… but there was a short lull, the running stopped, no one was talking, then people started to walk forward again. It was very fast, I felt my heart’s loud pumping recede. When we got to the open space I saw the riot police,protests were taking place up the street.  This was why, people ran from the police…



But it had been relatively peaceful for a few months. Lately we all started to be happier, to make plans, to walk with a little more spring in our steps while still wondering what was to be next.  With this sort of governance you can always expect one thing for sure, they don’t want people to be happy.  It’s almost as if timed, or measured, as soon as you start feeling better something shitty happens, and that something shitty has to do with the leader feeling slighted and in need of defending his bruised ego.

I am telling you people, do not vote Trump. If you vote in a brute, a money minded, sexist, racist kind of a human, that will come back to haunt you. Freedoms like the freedom to dream, to raise your children with hope, freedom to travel when you wish to, to express your opinion, to be able to contradict your government can be lost in the blink of an eye. Put a fascist, nacissist in power and see how hard it will be to dislodge them. They will tear everyone and everything apart just to be right. I have witnessed this here. And I promise you, it is an incommensurable sadness to see the young generations lose their hope, to see them lose the opportunity to dream up and create their world.

Another point; Remember the hype about “The Secret” you know the book, movie and the countless dreams of wealth, mansions and fast cars that was awakened. Well it’s true. It works, it is the basis of how this universe works. Thoughts become things. What you put attention on, talk about, feel deeply and so genuinely will manifest. I’m sure some of you have dabbled in this “manifest your dreams” thing or at least have pondered it. Well, it works for the bad stuff too. It’s just natural. So as we go about our days nowadays all we see is destruction, the coming of WWIII, wars all over, sicknesses, animals dying all over the planet, and on and on… we are either on the news or on Facebook scrolling through devastation, immorality, violence, darkness, fear… Then it sits on our minds, it rolls and roils and stirs and it feels so real, and we keep thinking about it all the time. This is in fact a perfect application of the Secret or the Manifestation principles…. and guess what? They manifest.

So as hard as it may seem, we all need to focus on good things, no it’s not a Polly Anna thing, focus on anything good, make that as important as all the bad news.  Shut off the TV.  Refrain from scrolling endlessly your Facebook, Twitter, TYT or whatever you watch.   Love your neighbor, find something cool about your co-workers, your ingrate son or the annoying driver on the road. Earth and humans need love right now and SO MUCH of it.  Dare hoping, dare trying. In your mind, or out loud bless everyone, anyone you cross, wish them love and peace, Be in wonder at nature, the trees, the birds and the sun. Shift your focus onto beauty, strength. Meditate if it’s your thing. Make peace. The world is energy, and right now we’re stuck in an incredibly negative, aggressive, angry flow of it.  Take responsibility, create the good stuff. These are troubled, challenging time and I am striving for beauty. I’ll make music and drawings and smile at the street cats and dogs. We must. It’s our job, we’re here to love and never before have we needed to do our job as we do now.

Peace.  Love.