2017 here we go

January 12, 2017



January 11 2017

Hello, hello, hello… Hello? Oh, hello 2017. Twenty seventeen. Two thousand and seventeen. All this time, time, time that races by. I have neglected all forms of writing; letters, emails, blogs, books, songs, poems, to do lists and new year’s resolutions. I’ve let time go undocumented. Free.

The mind never stops though I wish it would. It is especially monstrous when one lets the Matrix spell the rules. You must this, you must that…There is a trap there, where creation becomes a plea to be loved and accepted, to fit into something. Will I ever stop being a beggar?

New Year’s eve was beautiful, peaceful, child like with smiles and laughter from the eve itself to about mid-day when I compromised that peace by looking at Facebook where I found out that a massacre had taken place (again) in Istanbul. Horrific, meaningless deaths. The tone went out of my muscles, of my stance, of my enjoying the peaceful pleasure of this new fresh baby year.  2017’s Innocence gone, already.

Statistics say that we are experiencing much less violence than in the ‘70’s  and past history yet we feel surrounded by madness.  FEAR.  TERROR.  These two words… everywhere, all the time.  So I felt dread, then I decided to refuse the feeling.  Yes the Istanbul attack was-is awful, everyone here is affected, all the shoulders have sunk a little, the smiles are less readily given. People hurt and hurt deeply and the challenges keep slapping us violently one after another.  There is no way to be oblivious…   There are unspeakable things done all over the world every minute. But then we’re also over 7 billion and if we were as bad and polarized as the memes and the short films and the news and the internet comments make it appear, it seems that we’d be in a soup of blood every minute of the day.  My belief is that the fear is wanted.  The hatred is wanted.  Divide and conquer, as old as the human race.  What we are experiencing is a massive societal indoctrination in fear and hate now distributed constantly by the media, commercial or social… all is infiltrated, doctored, controlled to create this environment.

I turned off my TV twice in my life, first it was around 1990, then my ex bought one… which I hated but I got sucked back into it as it is so, so, so addictive… Then around 2006 I think, I was watching ER, final episode of the season, cliff hanger, and I was sitting in my chair with a pounding heart and frown on my face, my stomach in a knot when suddenly I thought : “ this is fiction, it isn’t real… why am I so worked up? Why is this shit going to occupy my mind more profoundly than my “real” life?” So I got up, rolled the TV on the other side of the basement, the screen side facing the wall and that was it. Freedom.

By grace, I don’t have a smart phone.

EVERYTHING promulgated on those devices is a lie. Every advertisement, every program, every medicine they sell you, every piece of advice… The idiocy of what we are all doing, consuming, believing all this bullshit about lifestyle, health, safety and on and on… And while we worry about things like “thigh gap” and Trump’s latest idiocy, they fill our drinking water and toothpaste with fluoride (a known poison) and we buy this shit, we smile, we act so cool.  They give us drugs that make us sick.  When you start to think about it… we look really stupid.  Think about it. For money, we have come to accept slavery, destruction of our world, air, soil, water as a “matter of fact”. We are acting like absolute idiots. We buy poor quality crap, use them a little (or not at all) then throw them on a pile which ends up into the environment, and we don’t blink an eye.  Did you know the impact of bleached jeans on the environment?  the blue sludge goes into the water system and people, animals, ecosystems are destroyed somewhere down the line.  Is that acceptable?  Is it acceptable that some people work as slaves for your Nikes, Apple products?  Is it acceptable that we are devastating whole ecosystems in Asia to make palm oil so you can eat Doritos?  and it goes on and on… and yet, we still buy Nestle, Doritos, Apple, Gap, etc.  We want to be told what is cool to wear, what car we should get, we are sold that tar sands are a good thing for us…

We are acting as if we were absolutely insane.  Mad.  Incapable of taking care of ourselves, let alone our environment, our earth. We have been trained to be consumers, and dumb ones at that. We have been trained to not ask questions and do what we’re told. We are constantly reinforcing the training by watching movies, news, TV shows, Oprah, CNN, CBC, BBC, and all those venerable institutions… They all lie to us.

We are, as a people, COMPLETELY HYPNOTIZED. 3, 2, 1… Open your eyes, you are now awake.  This bad feeling in your stomach, it’s not your imagination.  Listen to it.  Listen to your heart.  There is a reason why we all feel something’s not right.  Every institution is perverted.  Look at the outcomes, look at the results, the actions taken.  Forget the words and the cunning discourses, that is the snake oil salesman.
For this new year, I want to drop down into my heart.

The only thing that makes any of us worth anything at all is love. The meritocracy we were trained into is a tool to separate us, make us work for the man and to betray ourselves. Once you have betrayed yourself life becomes quite empty and painful and the only way to redeem that betrayal is to make amends.

For this new year, I have decided to delve deeper and deeper in the heart, in the light. I’m not sure what will come at the other end, I’m not sure how to look at it because I can’t look at it with my “business as usual” eyes. I realize that to get out of the training, out of the deep indoctrination even the most “rebellious” media outlet, education process, films or images are all imbedded with the societal leash. That to really act and function in a way that truly recognizes what I am, a being of light, spirit and energy operating on a much wider band with than the one normally assigned to humans, I must break the chains, ie, the unconscious operation of daily life with its assigned reflexes and expected behaviors.

I miss the earth. The wind. I feel a deep pain for the animals, the forests, the oceans, for what we are doing to them. I feel ashamed of the humans who go on so blindly, never to worry about anything but their own preciousness. This culture of celebrity and stars and money has made us a group of self-centered assholes, always peering back in the mirror to see how good we look. A group of spoiled brats who always want more without even knowing why.

In this new year, I hope we can feel the need of Mother Earth and that we would spend some time to help heal her by way of energy, prayer or just plain old clean up and respect. I wish for elevation. Love. Peace. Freedom and the respect of life, human or else.