Free. Now.

August 26, 2018




We can wear chains of our own making, unwittingly

Memories, habits, opinions.

Suddenly our thoughts are not our own.

When we stand and look at the present moment, is when we can tell what is really going on.

Usually when we do this, we observe that we are alive, breathing, that at that very moment, all is OK.



We create our reality based on our beliefs, our acceptance level and the size of our dreams. All of it. The good and the bad and the mediocre.

We are creators, all of us, to the very bottom of our cells, DNA and molecules.

Today I was made to realize the speed of that process from thought to realization. It is instantaneous.  It was huge. There is tremendous power there, creative power.

Live, Love, don’t dwell on anything, breathe deeply.

All is well, all is part of a brilliant, enormous play from which we barely just see the edges.




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