Images of the days

October 8, 2018


Istanbul, light, wind, clouds, emotions.  The water heals me.  I escape on the boat.  I feel alive.  I breathe.  Without this window on the sea, this place would be impossible to live in. a01

Birds always.  they fly and I watch them wishing to fly with them.  I look how they look around, how they glide on the air effortlessly.  They make me feel free.


the sun’s brilliance married to the reflective water, such perfection, it is sweet and powerful at once.a16

Approaching the European side, as the sun sets.  Every time it is unbelievably gorgeous, breath taking. a20a22a33

the brilliance always mixed with the rough the aggressive, the dirty.  All extremes side by side, being one. a36

end of the world skies, every day. a37

Camondo steps, legacy of a wealthy family that disappeared during WW2a40a42

I have been drawing, I feel a huge need to express the feminine without it’s trappings. girl on a ball


This is Marion, I girl I know, activist for animal rights who does something.  She came to me, her spirit did, and I drew this.


Galata in the morning



a brave kedi who will fight a huge tom cat a few moments after this picture



and me… a55nightcatscottscat


2 Responses to “Images of the days”

  1. Francoise Says:

    Bonjour ma belle chérie, j’aime tant te lire et la!!! Tu dessines. Magnifique, j’aime ton style. J’aima deja tes chevaux! Ha ! Comme j’aurais aime t’en acheter un! DES beautés sur la terre. J’ai hâte de voir ma belle Danielle, exprimant une telle liberté! Explosion sur ton papier. Bisousss

  2. Francoıse!! comme tu me manques… je t’aime. Merci d’être toujours là. Je me sens un peu triste aujourd’hui et je ne sais pas pourquoi… tes mots me font une douceur… Merci

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