A seat installed, fenders, gloves and multi-tool

June 15, 2020

June 15

This was the day I was originally wishing to leave, obviously I am not there yet. Over the last few days I have been running around Wroclaw to find second hand equipment for this bike journey. In the end I have had to buy a number of things online as I just could not find them.

I spent the week end at the Locomotive Hostel, very nice staff and interesting design ideas but … the bed was horrible, a cheap foam pad, which despite being wrapped in fake satin, just collapsed under one’s weight and all that you feel is the hard pieces of wood that frame the bunk bed. So I could not sleep, waking up every 15-20 minutes to change position because of soreness. With little sleep I ran around town from morning to night, and after two days I was exhausted. Yesterday I decided to move to a different hostel, paid more money for a single room for the quiet and the chance to rest. To my surprise, the mattresses were also made of  same, if only marginally better, shitty foam. My saving grace was that there were two single beds in the room, so I put the two mattresses one on top of the other and that allowed me to sleep.

I elected to rest until mid day, then it was time to get cracking with orders to place online (tires and sleeping mat)  with work on for the dragon book to attend to and yet more errands. The mission to find fenders for the bike, I had been scouring the internet for used ones but I could not find for a road bike, or the price was the same as for a new set. So I went over to Remar Sport which is only a few steps away. I decided to ride the bike there. Now funny enough, I’ve had the bike for 10 days but i have not been able to ride because I have to carry 2 HUGE backpacks and the guitar when I move around… so I hopped on the bike and … Total happiness. Oh, I am so ready to go… it was so great to feel the bike under me and fly to the store.  I felt immensely free.   There I got fenders, gloves and a multi tool. The multi tool allowed me to finally change the butt breaking saddle that was originally on the bike and put something more gentle and long distance friendly on.

I have one more errand today, a friend of Kam (the Polish guy who has been helping me as if he was my brother) has a free used helmet for me. I will ride there I think, despite the huge boots and harem pants… after that, what is missing is riding shorts with the chamois (protective pad) for long distance… then I’ll feel I got all the necessities.  It’s coming together. It’s been kind of wild to put all this together in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, but people have been amazing and really helpful and friendly.

Tomorrow I leave Wroclaw to go to Bytom where Kam lives.  There I expect the trailer and the tires to come by courrier, once that happens, we’ll set everything up and I should be ready to go !

OK gotta get going… talk soon


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