Monday night, Kara Kedi bound

August 27, 2013



Monday, get a note from Eren the drummer….  We play tonight.   OK.  I post an invite on Facebook, email, text..



the place is quiet but the vibe is excellent…. well except for one friend who showed up totally drunk and started to harass another friend of mine.  At one point I warned him on the microphone…  he stopped a bit…  but he started again and the girl started to look desperate, eyebrows in a triangle… Then, I did something I never did..  I put down the guitar… got off the stage and addressed my drunk friend : This is wrong… stop.  This is not OK…  Eren kept playing the drums… I got back on stage, put the guitar back on and continued the song…  singing the words: “and you need to be set free…”  to my poor friend Morgan… the irony of life sometimes.  Brilliant it is.



Musically we took off.  I’ve been setting wild, deconstructing my songs on stage… re-creating them into other things.  It is a real joy to play with Eren, he is very creative and I am starting to find where things click.  Oh music, music…

We took a break, then second set.  A group from Chillout showed up, two guys from Kara Kedi picked up percussion instruments and the whole thing rose up about 5 notches.  A thing of beauty.  I think I will adopt this… no more rock band set up but more of a guitar + all the percussion players available.  Something incredible happens…  it becomes irresistible.



hard to see on there but to the left, there is Ibrahim playing this big ole drum with passion!



From behind two Chillout friends watching…

It was an awesome night.  In those moments I feel like everything makes sense.  Beautiful magic.

this morning, I got a panicked email from a friend who is saying war is about to break out…  all that “real world” stuff …  Ah… life…

I still had my espresso.  I realize I have to savor each one of them.  Savor my friends, savor every beautiful minute and that real world stuff… I don’t wanna know.  If we blow ourselves out, well so be it.  But for my part, I’ll focus on the good…

all my love

One Response to “Monday night, Kara Kedi bound”

  1. I like the sound of spontaneity – the drumming. I remember we went to the SYMPHONY as 5th graders and they actually gave us KAZOOS to play the familiar refrains of Beethoven. I’m sure it would never have been nominated for any awards but WE had FUN. Spontaneous percussion (unlike Spinal Tap’s spontaneous combusiton of their drummer) LIKE it!

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