short update

July 14, 2014

Mid summer, how can it come by with such velocity? I think of plans and things to do. I am so involved with living the every minutes, the weeks disappear, the months blur by.

I was just reading a book from Paul Cohelo, at the end of the book they printed an interview he did. The interviewer asked him what he was up to at the moment. His answer was “Nothing.” to which the interviewer said: “that sounds nice.” He clarified that he was busy living, meeting people, dancing and that it was going to be another little bit before he was to write another book.

I thought of that, this “nothing” is a bit like what I am doing. Just living life, finding joy in the light, the food, the smiles, a sort of nothing in terms of goals, targets and progress charts. But an everything in terms of my sense of belonging to the world. Maybe it is the thing I appreciate the most in Istanbul. There is no need to be constantly, obsessively “achieving”, the value is put on living, enjoying friends, sharing a meal, just living.

In a very near future (this week) I am hoping to go to the Princes Island again and to Kylios with friends. Mahir is back from Germany and we plan to hit the Island on Wednesday. I’ll play Tuesday night then we’ll head out sometime during the day Wednesday. Then Thursday, if it all works out, I would head out with my friend Pery to Kylios to see Eren and the Karakedi gang and spend the day-night near the sea.

I need to make these trips… otherwise I’ll find myself here in October realizing I never went out of town. I am very capable of doing that…

Other than that, it`s hot, hot, hot. constant sweating. the other day the walls of my room felt like they were the inside of an oven, the furniture was hot to touch. I am not used to that. I can see my northern roots, DNA, not quite able to deal with this. I am gradually adapting but it is tough at times. Must keep drinking water!

Well, that is it for now. Just wanted to keep you updated. All is well, beautiful, amazing.

Hugs all around.

3 Responses to “short update”

  1. connie pryor Says:

    Absolutely wonderful you bring your surrounding to life in my mind. Thank you have a great trip & take care!!

  2. kymberlin Says:

    Which Paul Coelho book did you read? I Just read The Alchemist and I was thinking of you the entire time!

  3. Danielle Liard Says:

    Try Perrier water, replaces salt and potassium you lose by sweating, as well as water. Works a charm.

    Much love

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